Government Grants have stopped
False – The Feed in Tariff payments are guaranteed for 20 years.  The average return on investment is as high as £20,000.00 in the North West on a domestic system.

Solar panels only work in bright sunshine/summer
False – Only daylight is required. Solar panels generate electricity from daylight so they also work when it’s overcast, raining and during all months of the year.  In fact, they work at their peak when cool!  The average household electricity consumption is 3300KWh per year, a 4KWp Solar PV System will produce 3400KWh per year

My money is safer in a bank or building Society
False – Most savings accounts offer you between 2.3% – 4% An average 4KWp Solar PV system returns between 7%-10%

Your solar panels have to face south
False – East or west facing panels are slightly less productive, but only by about 10-15%.

It takes 20-30 years to get your money back from solar panel
False – Advances in technology and the Feed-in Tariffs have greatly reduced ‘pay back’ time.  The average payback term is 5-7 years.

Solar PV Costs the Earth
False – Advances in manufacturing technology have resulted in lower sales costs.

Ave Domestic                 Sale Price £6k         ROI £20k
Ave Commercial             Sale Price £60k       ROI £375k

Solar panels lose efficiency quickly
False – Most panels are guaranteed for 25 years to at 80% of there original efficiency minimum.  Solar Modules will continue to work well over 30 years

I only have a low electricity bill, I have no need for sustainable technologies
False – The UK’s average price per KW is £15.32p one of the lowest in Europe.  The average price in Europe is 21.06p.  As the UK produces very little energy, supply and demand shows that the energy prices are only going to go up (18% last year).  A sustainable system protects you against rising energy costs as you produce your own energy.

I need planning permission?
False – Only if you are living in a conservation area or area of natural beauty.

Ecopac Green Energy have no offers to entice me to install a system.
False – As Energy Gain needs to meet their financial targets they will also offer you:

FREE Energy Performance Assessment and Certificate
FREE Energy Monitor
FREE Scaffolding