Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is an energy efficient way of heating water using the sun’s rays throughout the daytime. Working in a similar way to Solar PV, solar panels or ‘collectors’ use the suns energy to help customers make their home more energy efficient.

The solar energy heats up a liquid within the collectors, generally anti freeze which is then pumped around a system to heat a cylinder of water. The water in the cylinder is heated until it reaches a temperature set by a thermostat. A conventional water heating system can be used to ‘top up’ the heat of the water during the night or through times of low sunlight.

As with most renewable energy efficiencies, there are many advantages to solar thermal. Not only can it help customers saves on fuel bills, but it can cost less than other tehcnologies in the same field. You may be able to generate earnings from solar thermal via the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ which is a Government scheme being introduced in October 2012.

Ecopac know that certain angles of panels, and particular latitudes provide optimum generation, which we will advise on at the very start of your enquiry. MCS standards on the installation of solar thermal technology are followed religiously by our employees. We pride ourselves on being MCS and REA compliant as this helps us to provide the highest quality products and services.

Please contact us to see if your home is suitable for solar thermal.