Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaics (or Solar PV for short) is an increasingly popular energy solution that uses solar rays from the sun to create electrical energy. This can then be used in either a commercial or domestic capacity to power lighting as well as wide array of appliances. The process of changing photons (captured sunlight) to electrons (to create electricity) works by fixing panels of cells to the roof of your property. As the panels capture the light, an electrical field is created across the layers.

Solar panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are usually measured in kWp (kilowatts peak). This is the optimum amount of kilowatts of energy the panels can produce at peak sunlight levels during the summer months.

EcoPac Green Energy Ltd offers 2 solutions for Solar PV usage. ‘Free Solar’ is an option which allows panels to be added to your property with no installation cost, providing you with free electricity, and the option to purchase the panels from us at a later date.

The other option is to ‘Buy Solar’ which allows you to buy the panels from the outset. EcoPac will install them professionally to ensure free electric is received, and that the ‘Feed in Tariff’ is paid directly to you. Visit our ‘Feed in Tariff’ page for more information.

EcoPac are now able to offer the new solar Module HIT HD – series, which boast up to 250W output, 20.8% cell efficiency and 18% module efficiency. In addition to being highly efficient, this new Module continues to embody the superior HIT temperature characteristics, producing a high output and consistently high performance throughout the year.

The new modules present a possibility to further contribute to the reduction of CO² emissions and further preserve the environment in Europe, which is a target we aim to help achieve here at EcoPac.

In certain European countries such as France or Italy, systems with up to 3kW have especially favourable conditions. The HD series, with 250W output power, can be installed with 12pcs to reach exactly 3kW from a small surface area, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss solar PV in more detail.